Why Is Lasership So Bad: Unveiling the Truth Behind the Controversy

When it comes to the world of package delivery services, Lasership has been a name that often sparks heated discussions and negative sentiments. Many people wonder Why is Lasership so bad?

In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the various reasons behind the company’s notorious reputation. From unreliable deliveries to poor customer service, we’ll explore the experiences and issues that have contributed to the perception of Lasership as a less-than-ideal choice for package shipping.

Topic Key Points
Why is Lasership so bad?
Delivery problems, customer service issues, lack of transparency, package security concerns, pricing and billing complaints, negative online reviews
Delivery Problems
Delayed or lost packages, unreliable deliveries
Customer Service Woes
Difficulty reaching helpful representatives, lack of accountability
Transparency and Communication Issues
Inconsistent and unreliable tracking updates, poor communication
Package Security Concerns
Mishandling of packages, inadequate security measures
Pricing and Billing Complaints
Unexpected charges, billing discrepancies
Online Reputation and Customer Reviews
Negative feedback and complaints from customers

What is Lasership?

Lasership is a package delivery company that operates in the United States. It provides shipping services for both businesses and individuals, offering same-day and residential delivery options. The company was founded in 1986 and has expanded its operations over the years.


Lasership aims to deliver packages efficiently and quickly to their intended recipients.

Lasership’s Delivery Problems

One of the primary reasons why Lasership has faced criticism is its delivery problems. Numerous customers have reported instances of delayed or lost packages when relying on Lasership for their deliveries. These issues can cause frustration and inconvenience, especially when time-sensitive items are involved.


The company has been accused of failing to meet delivery deadlines, leaving customers in the dark about the whereabouts of their packages, and even delivering items to the wrong addresses. Such experiences have tarnished Lasership’s reputation and have left many questioning the reliability of their services.

Customer Service Woes

In addition to delivery problems, Lasership’s customer service has been a major source of frustration for customers. When issues arise, the ability to reach a helpful and responsive customer service representative is crucial. However, many Lasership customers have reported difficulties in obtaining timely assistance or receiving satisfactory resolutions to their concerns.


Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with long wait times on phone calls, unhelpful responses from representatives, and a lack of accountability for service failures. These recurring customer service issues have contributed to the negative perception of Lasership as a company that fails to prioritize its customers’ needs.

Transparency and Communication Issues

Clear and transparent communication is vital in the package delivery industry. Unfortunately, Lasership has been criticized for its lack of transparency and inadequate communication with customers. Tracking information, which is a fundamental aspect of package delivery, has been inconsistent and unreliable in many cases.


Customers have reported missing or inaccurate tracking updates, making it challenging to keep tabs on the progress of their shipments. This lack of transparency and effective communication can lead to heightened anxiety and frustration, further cementing Lasership’s negative reputation.

Package Security Concerns

Package security is a significant concern for both individuals and businesses relying on delivery services. Unfortunately, Lasership has faced allegations of mishandling packages and failing to ensure their safety during transit.


Instances of packages being left unattended, exposed to harsh weather conditions, or even going missing have been reported. These security concerns have understandably eroded trust in Lasership’s ability to handle packages with the necessary care and diligence.

Pricing and Billing Complaints

Beyond delivery and customer service issues, Lasership has also faced criticism regarding its pricing and billing practices. Some customers have expressed frustration over unexpected charges or discrepancies in their billing statements. Transparency and accuracy in pricing are crucial for building trust and maintaining positive customer relationships, areas where Lasership appears to have fallen short.

Online Reputation and Customer Reviews

The power of online reviews and reputation cannot be underestimated in today’s digital age. A quick search for Lasership reviews reveals a multitude of negative experiences and dissatisfied customers. Online platforms and forums are filled with complaints about late deliveries, damaged packages, unresponsive customer service, and overall dissatisfaction with the company’s services.


The prevalence of such negative reviews has a significant impact on Lasership’s reputation and the public’s perception of the company. While it’s important to consider that not all experiences may reflect the reality for every customer, the sheer volume of negative feedback certainly raises concerns.


Lasership has earned a negative reputation primarily due to its delivery problems, customer service woes, transparency issues, package security concerns, pricing and billing complaints, and a barrage of negative online reviews.

Lasership has made efforts to improve its services by investing in technology and training, but these attempts have not completely resolved the underlying issues. Customers still report recurring problems and express dissatisfaction with the company’s overall performance.

Yes, several other package delivery services are known for their reliability, efficient customer service, and transparent operations. It’s advisable to explore alternatives like UPS, FedEx, DHL, or USPS for a more satisfactory package delivery experience.

To protect your packages, consider opting for services that offer signature confirmation upon delivery or provide the option to reroute packages to secure pickup locations. It’s also crucial to communicate any specific delivery instructions to the shipping provider.

While the decision ultimately lies with the individual, considering the widespread complaints and negative feedback, it may be wise to explore alternative package delivery options to ensure a more reliable and satisfactory experience.

Lasership has made some efforts to address customer concerns by implementing technology upgrades and investing in employee training. However, the effectiveness of these measures remains a subject of debate among customers.


Lasership’s reputation as a package delivery service provider has suffered due to a combination of delivery problems, customer service issues, transparency and communication challenges, package security concerns, pricing and billing complaints, and negative customer reviews.


While the company has attempted to address these issues, many customers still report dissatisfaction and seek more reliable alternatives. If you value timely deliveries, transparent communication, and exceptional customer service, exploring alternative options may be the key to avoiding the frustrations associated with Lasership.

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