Why Is Athleta So Expensive: 5 surprising reasons

Digs into the reasons that explain the brand’s pricing strategy.

While some may raise an eyebrow at the price tag and wonder, “Why is Athleta so expensive?”, others swear by the brand’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and design. 

Why Is Athleta So Expensive?

Superior Quality

Athleta doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality. Their use of high-grade, innovative materials is one of the primary reasons for the hefty price tag. The brand continually invests in fabric technology to improve performance, durability, and comfort. 


Ethical Manufacturing

Embracing responsible manufacturing, Athleta pays fair wages and ensures safe working conditions. These practices increase production costs, but the brand is unwilling to compromise on its values.

Product Design and Diversity

Inclusive Sizing

With sizes ranging from XXS to 3X, Athleta has made it a point to cater to all women. This inclusive sizing requires additional resources and design efforts, thus affecting the price.


Variety of Styles

Athleta offers an impressive array of styles from yoga wear to hiking gear to suit various activities, preferences, and body types. This diverse product range justifies the investment.

Sustainability at Athleta

Eco-Friendly Materials

As a B Corp certified brand, Athleta uses organic cotton, recycled materials, and aims to make 80% of its products with sustainable fibers by 2023. Such initiatives are generally more expensive but demonstrate Athleta’s environmental commitment.


Fair Trade Certified

Athleta offers an array of Fair Trade Certified products. While this means higher costs due to fair wages and safe working conditions, it also signifies an ethical supply chain.

Customer Service and Experience

Personalized Shopping

Athleta provides personalized shopping experiences, including in-store fitness classes and online styling services. This level of customer service, while costly to provide, sets Athleta apart from its competitors.


Exceptional Return Policy

With a customer-friendly return policy, Athleta allows you to return any item, anytime, for any reason. Such policies reflect confidence in their products and add to the overall value.

Athleta vs Lululemon: A Comparative Analysis

Criteria Athleta Lululemon
Price Range
Typically slightly less expensive
Generally a bit more expensive
Product Variety
Wide range including casual wear
Focuses more on high-performance gear
Material Quality
High quality, slightly less technical
Extremely high quality, very technical
B Corp certified, uses sustainable materials
Some sustainable initiatives
Inclusive Sizing
Offers sizes XXS to 3X
Offers sizes 0 to 20
Brand Image
More family-oriented, all-ages appeal
Trendy, youthful vibe
Community Initiatives
Hosts in-store fitness classes, community involvement
Offers community fitness classes, events
Customer Service
Exceptional customer service, generous return policy
Good customer service, standard return policy


Athleta’s high prices can be attributed to its superior quality, ethical manufacturing, inclusive design, and commitment to sustainability.

Many customers believe so, considering the brand’s high-quality materials, versatile styles, and durable design.

Yes, Athleta offers seasonal sales and discounts for fitness professionals.

While subjective, Athleta excels in terms of quality, design, sustainability, and customer experience.

Yes, Athleta offers a rewards program through the Athleta Credit Card.

At Athleta, they cater to a wide range of sizes, from XXS all the way up to 3X, embracing an inclusive sizing approach.


When you ask, “Why is Athleta so expensive?”, In essence, the brand’s unwavering commitment to superior materials, ethical manufacturing methods, inclusive and varied designs, along with their sustainability efforts, are the key contributors. These elements and superior customer service make Athleta a high-value brand that many consider worth the investment.

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